Bollinger Grande
Annee Champagne

Bollinger Grand Annee is a tile reserved for when the harvest is exceptional. Bollinger Champagne Grande Annee is the prestige Champagne. Bollinger Grand Annee means “the great vintage” which displays the route of the vintage. Bollinger Champagne Grand Annee spends five years on its lees and is then aged in bottle. Bollinger Grand Annee Champagne is 65% Pinot Noir - 35% Chardonnay.

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Bollinger Grande Annee is the Prestige Cuvee of Bollinger Champagne, it is produced only following exceptional quality harvest. La Bollinger Grande Annee is produced as the Bollinger special vintage in the best of harvest years. It has been commented that Bollinger Grande Annee has the following atributes:

* Bollinger Grande Annee has an outstanding dry fruit pungency and nuttyness together with a certain acidity and toast flavours remeniscent of a much older vintage.

* Bollinger Grande Annee is a magnificent Champagne with floral overtones, with vanilla and lemon qualities.

* Bollinger Grande Annee has the colour of pale straw with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

* 1999 La Grande Annee of flowery elegance with aprium flavours, clear and sharp with forest floor freshness.

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